Would You Eat Off a Subway Platform? This Guy Did

Germaphobes, look away.

A subway platform is definitely among the least desirable eating surfaces we can think of—right up (down?) there with a frat house basement floor or truck stop toilet seat.

But one vacuum brand manager is so confident in his product’s cleaning power that he decided to eat his lunch straight from the floor of Toronto’s busiest subway station, and to record the experience on video. Let’s see James Dyson do that!

Ravi Dalchand, brand manager at Bissell Canada and ad firm KBS+ Toronto, came up with the brilliant if gag-inducing idea.

In the video, he cleans a small square of the subway platform with a Bissell Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop, which the company claims can eliminate 99.9 percent of all germs. He then proceeds to dump a meal's worth of pasta onto the freshly cleaned spot and eat it directly off the ground, like an animal. He even mops up the leftover sauce with bread, much to the dismay of the gathered onlookers.

Effective marketing? Maybe. It certainly speaks to the loyalty, confidence, and possible insanity of Bissell employees (or at least one of them). But, come on, a Toronto subway stop? Try doing the same on New York’s G train.

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