Hakuna Ma-Roomba Means iRobot is Showing Off Its Lineup

iRobot updated its domestic robots by fine tuning their iAdapt algorithms and increasing battery life.

Credit: iRobot

Something Old

There's something in the air. It's a kind of electricity. Perhaps it's caused by dust particles in the air rubbing against each other. More likely source of this static is the rumbled of machines going to war against uncleanliness. At the CES event Digital Experience, iRobot showed off a few models from its line up of popular domestic cleaning robots.

iRobot brought its high volume seller, the Roomba. The 600 Series is back with improved brush designed to help keep pet hair from clogging it up. As well as AeroVac technology which helps keeps the bin filling up evenly. iRobot also mentioned the 600 Series has more color on its exterior. The 700 Series have also made a return with a thinner profile and 50 percent more battery life. The 790 model also has a removable touchpad remote control. The remote will mirror the controls of the machine. This will allow you to restart, change or end any cycle.

Both tiers have received updates to their iAdapt algorithms. iAdapt is a refitting of iRobot's AWARE system which is utilized in the company's military and public safety robots. The iAdapt system takes a scanning swept of the room and then calculates what cleaning mode is most efficient and how long it should spend before returning to their charging docks to dream of electric dust bunnies.

The Mint and Scooba also made appearances. They both received upgrades to their battery lives.

Something So Old That It's In the Gutter

iRobot pulled out something nifty off its safety belt. Harkening all the way back to 2007, the Looj is a gutter cleaning robot. It's designed to limit the amount of time you spend on a ladder when cleaning your gutters. After you climb up the ladder, you can take the Looj off its included holster and place it in the gutter.

Then you take off the remote that is attached to the Looj and push the button. If all goes according to plan, this device and its specially designed head will clean out up to two hundred feet of gutter on a single charge. Should the machine get stuck, it's programmed to back in and out until it dislodges itself.

When that's done, you reattach the remote, climb back down, and move on to the next straightaway of gutter. It's good to know that we can still out wit the robots with our ability to build corners.

Something New!

iRobot showed off the Mirra, its new pool cleaning robot. Slated to come out in the Spring of 2013, this gadget will run you back around $1,299.99. With sixty feet of floating power cord, the Mirra can pump and filter up to 70 gallons of water a minute. Pumping through dual top-loading filters, the PVC active scrubbing will help lift bacteria and algae off your pool's walls and floor.

The Mirra seemed very light and easy to transport with caddy, though it will sold separately. However, there was no demonstration of a pool cleaning so we can't be certain if the twin drain pumps work quickly or efficiently.

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